Fraud and Cyber Crime

The world of fraud and cyber crime evolves rapidly, but our expert team stays ahead of the game

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Fraud and Cyber Crime

As criminal and commercial threats to organisational integrity proliferate, preventative action and effective, measured responses become critical.

Fraud, corporate crime, commercial disputes, litigation, and growing data security and regulatory requirements can imperil your organisation’s integrity and reputation, undermine confidence, and attract regulatory intervention as well as negative media attention.

Different Types of Fraud

Accounting manipulations

 These include deliberate and willful errors and omissions in accounting to mislead and deceive. Writing off a capital asset as revenue and then misappropriating it is one example of accounting manipulation. Such manipulations can be of infinite variety. Usually only chartered accountants or persons familiar with accounting and bookkeeping can understand how such frauds are perpetrated.

Corrupt practices

Corruption involves effort to influence or abuse public authority through the giving or acceptance of inducement or illegal reward for undue personal or private advantage. Cash kickbacks or favors taken for any kind of business commitment are common in today’s world. Regular dealings with suppliers, customers and third parties lead to building of relationships that eventually can lead to favors and kickbacks. Kickbacks could be in non-cash form, also. For example, a supplier could sponsor a trip overseas to an exotic location for the purchase manager and his family in return for a large order placed by the purchase manager.

Cash embezzlements

Virtually every organization is affected by inventory fraud at one time or another. Cash, inventory, or any other company asset can be stolen when an opportunity presents itself. However, most of these frauds are simple and not backed by any great intellectual capability. These usually occur because of flaws and limitations in the control environment.

Frauds in a computerised environment

These frauds are masterminded by wrongdoers who have tremendous intellectual capabilities. They do not necessarily need weaknesses or bugs in software to perpetrate frauds.  Non-awareness or ignorance among other users in the organization provides enough opportunities for these fraudsters to inflict colossal damage.

Financial leakages

Opportunities diverted, sales suppressed, expenses inflated or twice paid are other common business frauds.

Our Services

  • Money Laundering Investigation
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Dispute Advisory Services
  • FairCall 'Whistleblower' Reporting Service
  • Fraud Risk Management
  • Digital Forensic Investigations
  • Regulatory Compliance Consultations

How We Can Help

Our forensic accounting specialists can help identify, preserve and report on any type of digital evidence and Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

What Sets Us Apart

We possess the industry knowledge necessary to provide comprehensive analyses that look beyond the numbers and explain the realities of economic and business matters.

Totally Confidential

We are focused on protecting the data and information of every client, and observe strong security protocols.

Solutions You Can Depend On

Forensic Accounting Corp. helps clients reduce reputational risk and commercial loss. By applying forensic accounting, investigation, intelligence, technology and industry skills we can help prevent and resolve commercial disputes, fraud, misconduct and breaches of rules and regulations.

We establish the facts, collect and preserve evidence, assist recoveries and lay a foundation for criminal or civil action. Our ability to undertake covert and overt investigations can work across multiple jurisdictions, often using our dedicated forensic technology expertise.

We help clients avoid costly and unnecessary disputes and litigation. When things go wrong, we have experienced independent experts to provide independent, authoritative and objective analysis of the accounting and financial complexities involved in litigation and the resolution of commercial disputes.

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