Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigations

Fraud. Embezzlement. White-collar crime. Lawsuits. Today’s business environment sees them all the time. Investigating these cases requires experience, integrity and determination.

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Forensic Accounting

  • Asset tracing, misappropriation, waste
  • Fidelity claims
  • Financial fraud
  • Regulatory-related investigations

Fraud Investigations

  • Examining relevant business records
  • Reconstructing books and records
  • Interviewing parties to determine what has occurred
  • Quantifying the financial impact

Economic Damages Quantification

In quantifying a disputed amount or financial loss, FAC leaves no detail aside. From reviewing irregularities in financials to identifying devices that contain digital evidence, nothing is left to chance.

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Fraud Detection

We find the irregularities that expose fraudulent activity.

Expert Witnesses

Expert legal analysis and testimony regarding liability and claims.

Discovery Assistance

We will aid you with discovery of electronic evidence and securing legal holds for digital evidence.

Damage Computation

Our qualified experts with proven track records provide economic damage assessments that stand up to scrutiny.

Claims Analysis

We provide an accounting analysis suitable for court in regard to construction claims, expropriations, product liability claims and more.

Regulatory Compliance

We can review your organizational polices, documentation management, user access controls, compliance and risk management procedures.

What Makes us Special?

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What sets us apart?

Forensic Accounting Corp. makes complex financial accounting and business concepts clear and easy to understand. Our professionals have the experience, expertise and credibility to effectively communicate findings to clients, courts, arbitrators and mediators. We understand our clients' needs and know that effective and timely communication is essential during the litigation process.

Our services include:

  • Forensic Accounting
  • Financial Investigations
  • Expert Testimony and Litigation Consulting
  • Economic Damage Quantification

Looking for Reliable Forensic Accountants?

We have extensive experience assisting counsel and their clients in all phases of litigation, from discovery through trial, as well as alternative dispute resolution proceedings in a number of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, retail, health care, financial services and real estate.
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How We Can Help

Working with Counsel and Clients
To assist in the evaluation of the costs and benefits of potential litigation, FAC provides counsel with an early assessment of potential damages and assists in determining the key documents and other information to request. Throughout the case, we will continue to assist counsel, define the business issues  and investigate the facts. We also provide support for the deposition of key fact witnesses and opposing experts and critique and analyze opposing expert reports and economic damage calculations.

More Than Expert Testimony
In addition to serving as expert witnesses, our professionals perform fraud investigations and serve as independent arbitrators, trustees, monitors, receivers and special referees.

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