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About Forensics Accounting Corp

Forensics Accounting Corp. brings more than 15 years of business and legal acumen to the litigation process, providing attorneys and clients with financial and investigative expertise. Our professionals are highly credentialed, holding such certifications as CPA, ABV, ASA, CFA, CFE, CFF, CFFA and CVA. Leading law firms throughout the country turn to Forensics Accounting Corp. to regularly testify in state and federal courts.

Our forensics services experts have extensive experience assisting counsel and their clients in all phases of litigation, from discovery through trial, as well as alternative dispute resolution proceedings in a number of industries including manufacturing, distribution, retail, health care, financial services, and real estate.
Our practice makes complex financial accounting and business concepts clear and easy to understand. Our professionals have the experience, expertise, and credibility to effectively communicate findings to clients, courts, arbitrators, and mediators. We understand our clients' needs and know how essential effective and timely communication is during the litigation process.

Our Mission

Our mission, as an organization of professionals, is to understand the business of our clients, to help our clients identify their business and financial needs, and to provide the services that will help them achieve their business and personal financial goals. We are committed to providing the most efficient and expeditious services, while always maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Our Core Values

We have developed a culture that promotes daily values and cultivates success. Every team member - partners, directors and employees - follows a set of nine core values that define how we conduct ourselves and interact with our colleagues and clients. These core values help guide us when faced with challenging situations, and  help us maintain a high degree of professionalism within our industry.

Giving More

In addition to serving as expert witnesses, our professionals perform fraud investigations and serve as independent arbitrators, trustees, monitors, receivers and special referees.

Scope of Services

Forensic Accounting Corp. regularly prepares and presents decisive evidence in settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration proceedings and at trial. Our investigations have ranged from large international frauds involving the tracing of assets to small local matters involving theft, embezzlement, accounting irregularities, Ponzi schemes and money laundering.

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