Financial Investigations

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Financial Investigations

There are many reasons why a financial investigation may be required, and these need not be contentious or litigious. There may be issues that require comfort and assurance over and above that obtained from normal accounting or audit procedures.

We have experience in numerous ad-hoc financial investigations, and can apply our investigatory skills in a wide and varied set of circumstances.

In cases where fraud is suspected, a comprehensive investigation must be carried out quickly, by investigators who have sound working knowledge of the best way to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Our Goals

  • Establish the most suitable route to proceed with an investigation
  • Work closely with HR professionals
  • Work closely with IT professionals, whether they are trusted suppliers or the client’s own team
  • Maximize  recovery from fraud
  • Minimize damage to the business
  • Support successful legal action against fraudsters
  • Identify lessons to be learned to prevent a recurrence

How We Can Help

Our forensic accounting specialists can help identify, preserve and report on any type of digital evidence and Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

What Sets Us Apart

We possess the industry knowledge necessary to provide comprehensive analyses that look beyond the numbers and explain the realities of economic and business matters.

Totally Confidential

We are focused on protecting the data and information of every client, and observe strong security protocols.
We also regularly act for the defence in criminal matters. We understand how both sides of a case are put together, what decisions may have been made in preparing the evidence, and what other sources of evidence may be available. We offer a truly independent expert opinion.

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